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I need to get out of this funk and back into the swing of things. The break-up had me not caring at all and I’m fairly sure I put on almost five lbs. Which on a five foot tall body, is certainly noticeable. Yesterday I started pilates and yoga at home, seeing as my knee is still bothering me and I can’t run yet.

I want to get Vibrums. I need to go on a run. It’s been far too long and I feel as if I’m being kept away from a lover. I miss my sunset runs and the me-time and the fantasizing about life whilst high on endorphins and trance music. -_- I will get to running again one day. I think I just need the right shoes.

Also, veganism is awesome. As if I haven’t said that enough. I seriously make breakfast for myself, it’s LOADED with protein, fiber,and usually has less than 5g fat, and I have to save half usually for a midmorning snack as it gets me so full. I’ve been keeping my protein intake up and my weight has been fairly stable through this period of little exercise, which is awesome. I also still have a bit of arm muscle left, which is extra awesome.

I think I’m just going to find a pool around here and see how much it costs to take a swim a couple times a week, and try to keep up with the pilates and yoga and whatever else I can find on the interwebs. I am losing ten lbs. Dammit.

I think I might actually try out a raw food diet as well, as well as ditching the gluten. Just to check things out. My body is not just a temple, but a lab, and I wanna see how a raw/gluten-free/vegan diet treats me. Cheers!

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